egl error 'EGL_BAD_ALLOC' on Narcissus Build


I am still in the pursuit to create the ultimate image with all
options working. I've downloaded a custom Narcissus build using the
Beagleboard demo tick and all kernel modules.

I somehow am not able to run any 3D applications. I've downloaded the
SGX driver and did a make all and make install to a target
folder. After getting rid of the unwanted files (libz and some
modules.conf) I copied all contents to the rootfs partition of my SD
card. The effect is some added files in /lib /etc/init.d /usr/lib /usr/
local/bin etc.

I hoped the addition of the libraries and binaries would enable me to
run the SGX demo's but it didn't work out. I get the egl error '
EGL_BAD_ALLOC' 0x3003 with every executable that makes an egl call.

I've found a potential solution to make a file powervr.ini in the /
etc/ directory containing:

but this didn't solve anything. I tried to make the vram allocation
explicit by using the vram=12M variable within u-boot but that also
didn't do a thing.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem or encountered the same

Kind regards,


P.S. How do I check whether the DSP works?