I was wondering if the BeagleBoard has GPU accelerated EGL OpenVG support. I know it uses a PowerVR SGX530 GPU that on paper supports OpenVG, I was wondering if there was software support, perhaps in the Beagleboard linux distro,, or if independent implementation is feasible. I could not find any indication of OpenVG APIs existing, doing a quick search through the github repos that were labelled as being C code. Maybe there is a binary? I suppose the
Ångström Distribution might have support,,, but it appears to be no longer in common use by Beagleboard. One person commented that Debian was shipped with their board; however, another recent comment said that the newer versions are stable and not bricking their device.

I know that the Raspberry Pi’s Broadcom GPU has EGL OpenVG support, I’ve been using it successfully for a personal project in C, and I would like to port the project to other embedded platforms.
However, the Odroid for example, which uses a Mali GPU, even though the GPU manufacturer claims to have OpenVG 1.1 support,, there is no actual API and there is no way of independently implementing it:

Hopefully this isn’t a repost. I did not see my original after waiting a few hours.