[elinux][Documentation] ARMCompilers


The page ARM Compilers seems a promotional page for Codesourcery. I would
like to update this page, give more options for compilers etc.
But, first I need to check if this information is true:
" Enhancements are made in the Codesourcery version first, and are then
pushed back to mainline."

Codesourcery is the one that develop arm compilers?
I think not. I would like to put emphasis in Linaro toolchain,
crosstool-ng, and GNU/gcc for arm.
First the could say a little about this three toolchains, later on
Codesourcery and ARM DS-5. Just because they are "try versions".

Comments ?


A lot of the page goes back to the days when "Codesoucery" was the
only group contracted by ARM to support gcc for them. They also were
known to randomly break things between releases, hence the lots of

Today, (and the last few years) linaro as taken over
maintenance/development of gcc for ARM.


The page http://elinux.org/ARMCompilers should be removed ?
Because http://elinux.org/Toolchains has more information and are more updated.

I don't see why anything must be deleted. The ARMCompilers page is
specific to ARM, whereas the Toolchains page is more general. Feel
free to update either though.

You should really discus it with the authors: