embedded linux course in UK next month -- trying to squeeze some BBB in there

trying not to sound self-serving (and if more people register, it
has no effect on my income), but i'm teaching this embedded linux
course in cambridge, UK next month for feabhas:


and while the course already has the student systems (Digi
ConnectCoreTM Wi-9C), i'm working frantically through the course
material and making all sorts of notes on how that material maps to
the BBB.

  i'm going to pack a number of BBBs in my luggage and, if time
permits, i'll see if i can do some additional labs on them.

  so if anyone in the cambridge, UK area was looking for an EL course,
peruse the outline and see what you think -- i'll be making some
updates on the fly as i do with every course i teach, but i'm going to
do my best to cram some BBB content in there just for the
entertainment value, which is why i'm working so hard right now
writing and collecting tutorials.

  disclaimer: whether additional students register has no effect on my
remuneration whatsoever. and if you're in that area and just want to
chat, i'm around for the entire week.