embinux download can now build a bootable kernel

apparently, embinux has updated some of its downloadable content so
that (some) previous build errors have been fixed. compared to what i
wrote here:


you can now follow the instructions to download that whole
"beagledroid" content from embinux, then follow the instructions to
build the bootable kernel.

  i tested this by creating the uImage file, copying it to an SD card,
loading it and setting just enough bootargs to get the kernel running,
whereupon it collapsed trying to mount the non-existent root
filesystem but that's not relevant -- i just wanted to verify a
bootable kernel.

  i'll update the wiki page shortly, but it's one victory that the
buildable kernel is now bootable.


I am afraid that the kernel still hang after uncompressing on Rev C

i don't know what else i can tell you. the previous android kernel
image from embinux hung after uncompressing, whereas the new one
(that's been available for several days now) appears to boot just