embinux has a separate mailing list for their android port to BB

i was about to post a few more results regarding embinux's android
port to beagleboard, but there is a separate embinux mailing list that
i joined recently which would also be an appropriate place to discuss
this. here's the list's home page:


  would that be a better place to discuss embinux's specific port of
android? or would members prefer to keep that discussion here?


I think it would be beneficial to discuss it here instead so that the
information is available to a wider viewer base.

fair enough. i have a number of observations i'm going to post
shortly, but can we first verify that the latest embinux android port
boots, since some people are suggesting that it still doesn't. bottom
line -- until only a few days ago, embinux's kernel image would hang
after uncompressing. the new tarball seems to boot fine. right?


I never tried their new tarball, but I can confirm that I was able to
build using their updated source code and it boots up properly.