eMMC boot partition enable

Hi all

I looked at http://elinux.org/BeagleBone_Black_Extracting_eMMC_contents#Steps_to_save

What I understand , this is just use the eMMC 4.4 spec mentioned user partition

Do you anybody know ,if u-boot can be saved on boot partition ? and how ?

From Micron PPT , boot partition will use SLC , this will help to long time product life .



As I understand , AM335X dont support eMMC BOOT PARTITION ,above eMMC 4.3 spec ,rom dont read EXT_ESD [179]

Is this right ?

Do you anyone have some other can share about this ?

actually, the current u-boot defines am335x_boneblack_config in
"boards.cfg" with:

Active arm armv7 am33xx ti am335x am335x_boneblack

where "EMMC_BOOT" means to use the H/W-supplied eMMC boot partition
for saving u-boot environment information. so u-boot clearly *does*
support the eMMC H/W boot partition.


what I mean is do boot rom support EXT_ESD [179] ?