eMMC booting in Beagle Bone Black


I have downloaded the Beagle Bone Black + Compact 7 Demo Image from Adeneo website.

I’m following the instructions from BeagleBoneBlack_WEC7_user_guide_V01312.pdf.

How can we use the demo images to flash onto eMMC? According to user guide Section 8.b we have flashed the SD card from loaders_eMMC folder. But I’m getting only the following output.

Texas Instruments Windows CE SD X-Loader v0.0.0 for BeagleBone 33XBB
Built Sep 20 2013 at 17:34:04

open ebootsd.nb0 file
Init HW: controller RST

Kindly guide me.

I’ve had the same problem. I also asked for and received their beaglebone black BSP so I could debug this, but it won’t compile due to an opengl error. Adeneo is not responsive. I’m evaluating this BSP as a stepping stone toward one of their BSPs for an industrial controller and they have yet to impress me.

Nothing they have provided for a known BeagleBone Black has worked out of the box without tweaks. I know BeagleBone is a hobby board, but this doesn’t give me any confidence for their other products - I’m going to look for another platform and provider.


It's windows... I'd actually expect less on the serial port, then the
initial user got... let the ridicules begin...