eMMc flashing problem. 4 led blinking problem.

i was having some issues with the bbb and was not able to ssh from it. So decided to flash the eMMc.

1)i got the image(latest debain image) on the sd card and inserted it into the slot of bbb .(using windows os)
2)pressed the boot button on the bbb and waited for about 10 mins
3)then the problem started the 4 led’s starts blinking continuously instead of being steady .
4)i repeated the flashing around 10 times in 2 days.

  1. still iam having the same problem

please help!!!

what's the name of the file you burned to the sd card?

1: flash microSD
2: remove bbb power
3: insert microSD
4: hold boot button with finger nail
5: insert bbb power
6: wait for 4 led's, & remove finger from boot button
7: watch cylon led's (5mins/gb)
8: all 4 led's on

flashing complete..


you forgot to mention use a 2 amp external power supply not USB

I had the same problems Here’s what I did

  1. They are correct a 5v 2amp power supply is defiantly needed
  2. Make sure the image is a eMMC flasher AND is a 2GB for Rev B and below or a 4GB for a rev C (This will cause the load to fail
  3. The whole thing should take 45 min MAX so it it’s still going after that something went wrong.

Hope that helps