enable internet in beagle board

Dear all,

i am not able find the this path in beagle board .

can anybody suggest get the procedure to connect internet connection
using usb -otg cable..

If you are using Angstrom you will need to download the modules archive for your kernel version here: http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard/

If you are using another distribution you might need to install a package, or build the modules from source.

Since you mention OTG I assume you want to connect to the internet via a host PC. You will either need to configure the IP addresses statically on both the host and the BeagleBoard or run a dhcp daemon on the host PC. Secondly the host PC will either need to have packet routing enabled or be running a proxy server. Google for “linux howto dhcp server” and “linux enable routing” and “linux proxy server howto” for more info…

Good luck and post back if you have any problems… I’m not sure if there are any instructions posted anywhere, but it might be nice to keep track of what you do / try so that you can write up the howto so that others can benefit… :]