Enable LDO2 on TPS65217C PMIC

I’m trying to use an external button to control power on/off on BBB. I currently have a momentary button wired to pwr_btn and pulled up high via 3.3V pin. The issue is that 3.3v is not enabled by default in sleep mode. I have no problem pressing the button to pull ground and shut down the beaglebone, but then when it goes to sleep, 3.3v (LDO2) rail shuts off which pulls the pwr_but ground which then immediately triggers power on again.

How would I enable LDO2 in sleep mode? I read through the user guild (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tps65217c.pdf) and couldn’t find any answers.

Power button has an internal pullup inside the TPS65217C to the DC in rail.You do not need the external pullup.