Enable more PWM pins in beaglebone

I know that we can use two PWM pins of beaglebone. I have done this library to control servos https://github.com/maxpowel/BeagleBone-Servo and my question is if its possible to use PWM in more pins (I need three but in a future project I will need 8 PWM pin for 8 servos).

Thank you!

The maximum is four.


not sure if it will work but UAV's use a ppm encoder to carry more PWM signals through a single PWM on the board.

I have not used one on a beaglebone so can not say for sure if this will work for you but I use it in a couple applications.

Add a TLC5940.


I have used the TLC5940 on arduino and it seems to be just what I am looking for. Now I am trying to use it on beagle bone but I have some problems with SCLK and GSCLK. I read the library for arduino and this library uses a frequency timer to generate the SCLK signal but I have no idea how to do this in beaglebone. I also was searching but I have not found anything such as a library or something to use the tcl5940 with beagle.

Thank you!

2012/4/19 Matt Porter <mporter@ti.com>

It follows that arduino uses a pwm pin as a timer so a pwm pin of beaglebone can be used. Hope my motor cape for beaglebone will be ready soon but if anyone has some extra information of tcl5940 I will appreciate it.


2012/5/18 Alvaro Garcia <maxpowel@gmail.com>