Enable SPIDEV in the default Angstrom shipped with BeagleBone Black

Greetings All,

there seems to be a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding about the use of SPIDEV under the Angstrom distribution shipped with the BeagleBone Black. with that in mind i have create a wiki page with instructions and reference material:


feel free to add feedback, updates, and additional information to the wiki page.

Dave Anders

Much thanks Dave !

Unfortunately, it still does not seem to work with some of us (like me). I had everything working nicely up till the 2013-6-20 image, spidev and can0 registered after starting up.

I added BB-UART4,BB-SPI0-01,BB-CANBUS1 in uEnv.txt:

optargs=quiet capemgr.enable_partno=BB-UART4,BB-SPI0-01,BB-CANBUS1
BB-UART4 is included in the image,

BB-SPI0-01 is the one from the wiki, in which I dutiful followed the instructions:

Skipped the info I got when I just did a echo to /sys/devices/bone.cape_capemgr.8/slots:


sorry, is the question here about SPIDEV or is it about CAN bus support, i am not following what you are asking for…


It is about the device tree setup that is not working when adding it to uEnv.txt, nor with the SPIDEV setup that you put in the wiki nor with my own dts file. That was what I was trying to make clear.

On the other hand, I am interested indeed in the CAN bus support :wink: I could not get it to work with a setup I found in https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/beagleboard/2IGpEQYI7l4/Zum5rVkYrUYJ. It seems there is no connection. Is there something we should know about CANBUS support? Is it not working (yet)?



not sure what issue you are having, but i have fully tested both examples of the SPIDEV instructions. i have also had a number of the beagleboard community test it as well with no issues…


Well it seems there is more trouble with overlays, just as I described:



yes there seems to be a great confusion on the procedure. i have tested the example literally a hundred times on different boards with no issue, however i had two people locally today bring in boards that they were having trouble with doing overlays. there is something in the procedure that people are not doing correctly that is creating the issue, just not sure what it is yet…

looking into it now…


i had pantelis look into this. he’s posted some information on it. you can either upgrade the newest version with pantelis’ patch coming out in the next few days, or you can create a small systemd service to enable the cape after startup…


Yes, I read his comment. Thanks for the help.