enable tftp in uboot


Im trying to enable tftp in uboot, that is load the kernel through a
USB/Ethernet converter. Has anyone succeded in doing this? If so, can
I please ask for some advice in doing the same?

To clearify my question, i have done the following:

* Downloaded the latest uboot-omap3-dev source from the git repo.
* Compiled it using the omap3_beagle_config file

This resulted in no USB nor ethernet support. I decided to focus on
getting the USB keyboard to work in u-boot, and the continue with USB/
Ethernet support.

I saw on http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard#USB that the USB EHCI
controller has been removed on my board (it is a rev B6), so my hope
is on the USB OTG controller instead. I tried to add support for UHCI
USB by adding the following to the omap3_beagle_config (found in the u-
boot manual):
#define CONFIG_CMD_USB 1

This resulted in a number of build errors in common/usb.c which seems
to relate to low-level usb not defined. Does this mean that the USB
driver for the OTG controller is missing, and if so, does anybody know
which driver to use? Maybe the uboot-omap3-usb-dev repo contains this

Thankful for any hints on if Im going in the right direction...

/ Tompa