Enable UART

Thank you!!!
I followed all these steps and all files are created. But when checking not getting. I linked pin 24 to 26 and run putty software. I tried to type in coming window. But i failed… Any more settings are needed?

It works for me on my AI64

Are you running putty on the AI64 ?
Also check the user permissions for the device. think you need to be in the dialout group

Ok…Thank You!!! I will try…

debian@BeagleBone:/dev$ ls tty*
tty tty16 tty24 tty32 tty40 tty49 tty57 tty8 ttyS6 ttyp5 ttype
tty0 tty17 tty25 tty33 tty41 tty5 tty58 tty9 ttyS7 ttyp6 ttypf
tty1 tty18 tty26 tty34 tty42 tty50 tty59 ttyGS0 ttyS8 ttyp7
tty10 tty19 tty27 tty35 tty43 tty51 tty6 ttyS0 ttyS9 ttyp8
tty11 tty2 tty28 tty36 tty44 tty52 tty60 ttyS1 ttyp0 ttyp9
tty12 tty20 tty29 tty37 tty45 tty53 tty61 ttyS2 ttyp1 ttypa
tty13 tty21 tty3 tty38 tty46 tty54 tty62 ttyS3 ttyp2 ttypb
tty14 tty22 tty30 tty39 tty47 tty55 tty63 ttyS4 ttyp3 ttypc
tty15 tty23 tty31 tty4 tty48 tty56 tty7 ttyS5 ttyp4 ttypd
when i listed devices. Above mentioned item displayed. How to find device coresponds to my UART configuration. Please reply…

Thank You!!!

None of the UARTS as enabled have hardware flow control. You would need to setup the correct pin muxing if you need that.

It is up to your software to make sure it does not try to use hardware flow control.

There is no loopback mode as far as I know for the UARTS, thats why I suggested connecting pins 24 and 26 together. Unless you mean echoing back characters received to another device. Again that would be down to your software.

just do ls -al /dev/bone/uart/*to see what ttySx devices the uarts are actually. It might not be consistent between boots, so best to use /dev/bone/uart/x

They way I do this is to use the USB port with a usb to ttl adapter. That is always hot and you can test and debug your code with a known and working interface.

Then when the code is proven working move it to the UART address. This also allows you to use the host for building the code, much faster than using the target.

Hello @benedict.hewson ,

I was trying to install some ideas in DTS format and port it to the BBAI-64…

It seems I am having trouble with sudo permissions on the build from /opt/source/dtb-5.10-ti/ but when I type it, it works. It works!

I am e-learning about DTS slowly. I can see how things have transpired and changed over time and how things are working at times now! Processes…hmm.


P.S. I see the Servo Cape is available in a .dtbo too for arm64 in a .dtbo file. This is neat. I am still waiting on more Capes in time, i.e. as I like to learn the hardware, read about the chips onboard, and then try to accumulate some in time while learning about them, e.g. L298 for driving bidirectional DC motors or one stepper motors and so on… Anyway, off to test the ideas you have made clear!


Speaking of DTS, I am learning slowly still. Anyway, thank you for an example. I will be trying other ways too…

Also, how are things going for the compatibility layer specification for the boards? I am not sure who is in charge of those ideas for now but I would love to hear from you or them about the specification for BONE-*.

Thank You!!!