Enabling CAN and GPIOs at the same time.

We are using a Beaglebone Black rev-C and need to have both DCAN1 and some of the GPIOs enabled at the same time.

So we’ve tried loading both the BB-CAN1-00A0 and the univ-emmc-00A0 overlays. That of course does not work since P9.24 and P9.26 conflict
between the two. So I modified univ-emmc-00A0.dts to not configure P9.24 and P9.26.

Both overlays load and the GPIOs work fine. But dcan1 does not. If I do not load univ-emmc-00A0 and only load BB-CAN1-00A0, dcan1 works great but I loose my GPIOs.

CAN also does not work if I just load univ-emmc-00A0 and manually configure P9.24 and P9.26 to “can” using the config-pin script.
(Not working means no data transferred when monitoring with a logic analyzer.)

Since this is my first time with dts files, I must be missing something here. Any hints would be appreciated.

–Charles Johnson

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You’re probably not going to get a responce until you give the exact source you’re having problems with, and the commands used to compile from source.