Enabling LCD on beagleboard


Iam trying to get image from beagleboard to my new touchscreen LCD.
Should I do anything to kernel or something else to get image to my LCD?

I am also trying to do the same.Cant we work together so that we can get it fast working.

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I am also working on it


What LCD you are using (LCD specification). Depends on that you have to enable the LCD support in kernel (If not enabled already).

Sure we can. İ was completed the hardware part. Please contact me

check the pin muxing on the beagleboard

Did you completed the hardware?

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2011/10/19 sarika baby <sarikababy123@gmail.com>

I have interfaced my display on lcd expansion connectors for beagle board and its working fine, but the only issue is that mouse is not working. Can anyone tell me what might be the possible reason behind it.


when i connect innolux lcd screen to my bb xM, i have needed to adjust the timings in KERNEL/drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-generic.c file. you may need something like this.

2011/10/20 batuhan gundogdu <batuhangundogdu@gmail.com>


i’m also trying to connect LCD to beagle board. i connected 3.5" LUMEX Lcd to beagle board expansion . i searched for drivers in U-boot. but i din’t find. can you please help me to get over on this. i’m trying from a week. But no progress. i really need help.

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how do you build connector/pcb with 1.27mm step? on a pcb manufacture?
I used to use a printer + iron to make pcbs, but I'd need to use
connections (doable) + metalized vias (not quite doable) ..

thanks, Alex