enabling MMC2 on beagleboard xm expansion board

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to enable mmc2 on the beagleboard xm expansion board for sdio operations. Been looking into this for over 3 weeks now and tried/read everything on these forums without success, and am increasingly frustrated… I’m very new with embedded linux so please bare with me…
The problem is I simply don’t even see a clock on the SDIO_CLK pin, SDIO_CMD and SDIO_DATA0-4 all are pulled high, but the CLK is at ground with and not enabled.
Can someone provide some simple configuration to enable sdio on mmc2?

have a look at the code for the zippy or zippy2 , both enable the sd/mmc on the expansion.


Thanks Dave, unfortunately that’s one of the first things I’ve tried, the clk pin stays is ground but all the other pings are pulled high correctly.