enabling the BBxM to start in 'ro' mode

I’d need the SD image I prepared for the xM to be supplied to people without them changing a single bit in it. Also, this avoids write failure with power supply failures and increases the life of the SD.

The only similar case I know in detail so far is with Ubuntu 10.10 https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~eberdahl/satellite/ and it has two uInitrd images for boot, one with aufs enable and the other without. They only differ in a couple of scripts and if one wants changes to be persistents it is enough to mv files in the boot partition in order for the bootloader to pick the right one.

Now, I’m using debian and the rcn-ee builds. Here the boot partition is different it uses initrd.img and zImage. I’m not sure what to do here since it is a different boot method.
Are there any suggestions on how to reach my goal? Any simple solution, even performed with an init script after bootstrap would be fine as a starter.


    There is a Linux distro called "Voyage Linux" that runs read-only. There are scripts that can be run as root called 'remountrw' and remoutro' to change modes as neccessary.

    Sadly, Voyage Linux is written to run on the x86 andis not available for the ARM processor. But if someone ever converts it to ARM I will switch in a heartbeat! I have several Voyage boxes being used for data collection and love them! It would certainly be sweet to have Voyage on the BBB :slight_smile:

    See: http://linux.voyage.hk

       --- Jay Nugent WB8TKL
           Ypsilanti, Michigan

Thank you. Could you post here the scripts (or send me them to me?). I fear the problem is not with the script but with the need of creating a initrd image with aufs to allow for temporary storage of information on the RAM, as it is done with Live CDs.

Would mounting rootfs read-only be possible without compromising functioning of the system?
I’m sure there must be someone expert out there…