End of Life or wildly popular?

I’ve been looking around and it appears there are no BeagleBoard Black’s available for sale.

Is this because it is EOL? The SRM hasn’t been updated since 2014…


The SRM was probably updated in 2014 because that when the RevC was released, but aside from a new revision, why should the SRM be updated ?

Interresting though that yeah I looked too and no one has any kind of beaglebone black in stock except for element14 has 3 “industrial” beaglebones in stock. Or so they claim.

Well I take that back. Resellers on amazon had a few boards too, but that’s potentially why no real store has any in stock.

I generally do not update the SRM unless there is a reason to do so. It is not EOL. I may be updating it soon when I change the design however.


if you do update the design, please add a testpoint to SYS_RESETn so the
BBB can be cold reset on a
hard lockup without the need for a Power cycle.


I will consider it.



In stock at Adafruit:

In stock at Adafruit:https://www.adafruit.com/products/1996

It wasn’t yesterday when I looked.

After very careful research it seems that resetting using the BBB on a
hard hang would be best accomplished
by resetting the PMIC pin 44.

I misspoke about the SYS_RESETn is brought on the p9 ( LOL )

I Meant to say PMIC_PGOOD for a hard reset of processor.
But its not an open drain signal so WireORing a WD reset to the pin is
not wise.

But it seems that the PMIC reset would give the board a cold reset
without pulling the
power plug, USB or in case it has a battery cape somehow disconnecting
the battery.
As per the PMIC datasheet.
"Pull this pin low and the PMIC will shut down, and after 1s power- up
in its default state."

Well anyway a test point on that pin would be sweet for a hang proof BBB
with the addition of an external WDT IC.