enlightenment loops to empty select language/profile


I managed to finish
bitbake beagleboard-demo-image
The board boots ok and I can connect to it using minicom and I can
also get a text login using <ctl>+<alt>+F1.
Everything seems to be working fine including wifi access with zd1211.
The problem is when I go through the graphical login I see the logo of
enlightenment then an empty list with the title Language select. There
is only a "Next" button which takes me to another empty screen to
select profile. Pressing enter then clicking next takes me back to
select language!

I thought editing the configuration files for enlightenment ~/.e/e/
config might help but they are not editable. I tried to compare the
file system with the one on the
because the demo not give me this problem but I am lost and don't know
which files exactly to compare.

Please help!