Dear Developer,

I am inclined towards linux , java , python , C.

If I want to collaborate with BeagleBoard in this year Gsoc where should I get started to know the organization.

Also where I can solve bugs.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello Kranti,

Literally the first step would be to get a BeagleBone board and try to get familiar around with it.
Once you are familiar with the very basics of the board, you can the go onto the https://elinux.org/BeagleBoard/GSoC
page and look around to find interesting topics and get an idea of what most of the past projects have been related to.
If you think you would like to do a kernel-based project, then you may want to try and compile linux-kernel and load it onto the board.

Maybe you can also take up some past-project and play around with it.

PS : A suggestion, try to be online on the IRC channel as long as you can be, ask questions and then “wait” for someone to
suggest something on it.