Error: BBB GUI use tk/tcl!

Hello everyone!

I have installed the puredata application from source on BBB (run lastest Angstrong Image)!
And I tested it use 3 methods: HDMI, x11vnc, ssh forwarding X11 seperately!

In HDMI and x11vnc (x11vnc using the usb gadget):
when I run “$pd” I have error that require install tk and tcl
So I installed the foloowing pakages:


But when execute “$pd”, I have a GUI error as the below image:

that I can’t drag terminal + puredata gui and close + maximum + minimum icons is gone!

So I continued testing by execute command “$wish” and the same error occured!
Maybe I need to install new packages?

In SSH fowarding x11:

But When I connected to my BBB by execute “$ssh -X root@” and executed “$wish”
everything is OK.

Please help me to run “$wish” or “$pd” without errors use HDMI or x11VNC!