Error by executing file on beaglebone black.Eclipse/C++


I get an Error if I try to execute a file I’ve written in C++ on Eclipse.
I’ve folowed the tutorial. But after I change the properties of file to x, I get an error: “No such file or directory”.
If I compile the same faile on beaglebone, it works fine.
Can anybody help me with setup? Should I install something more on BBB?
Here are my settings for the project and compiler:

I also tried to compile it as release.

You’re missing your settings from the email. Copy paste failure :->

Pardon? I didn’t get it.

Sorry - I was inferring your settings didn’t get attached but looks like my client scrubbed the attachments.

As an aside - I saw this error before and it was to do with mismatched toolchains to what my rootfs was put together with.

Have you tried compiling with -static and see if you can execute your binary that way? If so then yeah, it looks like you may have a mismatched toolchain.

  • Nick