Error gathering android sources

Hi all of you BBB devs!

I have been working for four months on my capstone project, which is to create an Android Application that uses Google Maps API on the beaglebone black.
I was able to flash Andrew Henderson’s 3.8 kernel image onto my Beaglebone black using windows but during development realized it did not support OpenGL ES 2.0.
I’ve been trying to create my own Android image that will contain the SGX drivers necessary for OpenGL ES 2.0 however while following the tutorial on I am unable to even get past the Android Sources step.
I have tried using the rowboat repo to construct the sources but everytime I try to run a ‘repo sync’ it is unable to fetch some of the projects which causes it to fail.
Using the Pre-Packaged Sources also does not work because everytime I try to uncompress the .bin file I get an unexpected EOF error. I’ve downloaded the Pre-packaged sources four times now and every single one still gives that error.
HALP PLZ, I’m so lost and google search has not given me much luck regarding these particular errors. I am trying to run this on Ubuntu 12.04 btw.
If anyone is aware of a pre-built Android image with SGX drivers please message me ASAP, that also yields no results on google.