error in running picodlp-control command in angstrom


I installed the angstrom distribution by SD card partitioning and
logged in as root when it says

The Angstrom Distribution beagleboard ttyS2
Angstrom 2009.X-test-20100104 beagleboard ttyS2
beagleboard login: root (entered)

I have a pico projector connected to beagle board using HDMI
connection. The pico projector displays a GUI showing boxes for new
user, username etc.

If I run picodlp command, I get the following error

root@beagleboard:~# picodlp-control vflip 1
ERROR: I2cTransfer: ioctl failed: Remote I/O error (121)
ERROR: I2cWriteBytes failed: -1

How can I resolve it?