/etc/linuxcnc/machinekit.ini file varible MKUUID

I’ve run into a little issue in trying to access the beagleboard via machinekit/face from an andriod device. When I setup the machinekit.ini file to allow for REMOTE=1 I’m now getting an error message about not being able to connect to the RT kernel::

machinekit.ini (3.16 KB)

rtapi.ini (1.95 KB)

Hi Jeff,

I’m having the same problem here. Did you end up sorting this out?


Generate a uuid on a different system or you can:

  sudo apt-get install uuid-runtime

...that should probably be added to the default "extra" packages on
the Machinekit image builds.

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the quick reply. Once I’ve generated the uuid what configuration files do I need to put it into? The only one I know about is /etc/linuxcnc/machinekit.ini


I believe that's the only place it needs to go...it gets included in various other places from there.

...but that's probably a question better asked on the Machinekit group since it's not Beagleboard specific. And I have only limited experience using the remote UIs (I mostly run native on the BBB HDMI display).