ETH over USB on Debian


I’m trying for a while to set a network connection to my BBB over USB, but still with no success. I have already tried a few different distros, BBBs and HOWTOs - details bellow. I’ve even compiled my own kernels. It seems my desktop computer is ready for such connection - I’m running there an Ubuntu 3.13.0-24-generic - as when I’m connecting BBB running default Angstrom, everything works well automatically and both of my devices can see each other. Can you give me some hints and directions on how to enable this feature on Debian? Which config settings are important to this? What modules have to be loaded? Do i need to make any more adjustments?

I’m making my efforts on BBB rev B and A5C. System is running from SD card.
Versions of Debian already tried: 7.2-armhf-3.8.13-bone30, 7.4-2014-04-23-2gb and 7.5-2014-05-14-2gb and my recompiled version of 3.14.4 - its .config is in an attachment to this post.
An usb0 interface is present and configured propperly(?)(addr: bcast in all OS except the first one.
Plugging an USB cable to BBB has no effect on my desktop - no new USB device, no sign in syslog.
HOWTOs tried:

krd_config.txt (118 KB)

Well, if the "debian" image here:

Doesn't create a usb-eth link on your host system on bootup. There is
either a problem with the usb cable or your host system.


None of these, as it turned out. The problem was in BBB itself. Probably some electrical flaw of miniUSB port.