eth0 not automatically coming up after reboot?

I have a recent BBB (rev C) that’s running the standard Debian (3.8.13-bone47) os. I’ve noticed that when firing it up (or after reboot) that the eth0 network interface isn’t functional. I can easily bring it up manually with a “sudo ifup eth0” command, but is there something I’m missing in regards to why it’s not coming up automatically if the interface is set to static configuration:

in my /etc/network/interfaces, the relevant part is set to:

iface eth0 inet static




The only way I can initially get into it after reboot is to use the usb0 interface from my PC, which works fine. It does not matter if the live ethernet cable is plugged into the BBB before starting up or not. I hoping to be able to make this a stand-alone web server, but if it doesn’t bring up eth0 automatically upon reboot, I’m not sure how useful it would be for this use.


Thanks in advance!


how are you powering the bbb ?

I’ve tried both just via the USB connection and also via a 5V supply, with no difference in behavior.

The primary network interface

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

So, I should also mention that if you spent 5 minutes searching google, with variations on the words debian and network configuration. You’d probably have found this on your own.