Ethernet communication in BBB


I have a beaglebone black and I am looking the way of communicating with a PC.
Do you know any simple program in “.c” to send data from the BBB to the PC (windows) using the ethernet port? I could not find anything in inernet

Thank you so much

hi ignacio,
there are many solutions:

look for "busybox"
compile ftp-server and client
use it

a clever one requieres "unix-services for windows"
install knfs-server on bbb
export desired directory
mount on windows

start sshd
copy data via putty from/to windows

help that helps,


Thank you so much

I have developed 2 programs, in #c, which are running in my beaglebone and my pc (windows). I would like to integrate some code into these programs to be able to send data from my beaglebone to my pc as fast as possible.

These is the reason why i am looking for a simple code which i can modify and adapt to my code according to my requirements. Could you help me with it? O tell me where can i find any example?

Sorry for disturbing you and thank you so much