ethernet configuration on Ubuntu 11.04


i have installed ubuntu 11.04 omap3* on beagleboard c4. I selected the
ubuntu core server. Every thing went fine but i could not able to
configure ethernet. I am on dynamic address network. Can any please
tell how to configure ethernet?


If I dont misunderstand you, you want to connect the board internet via ethernet port. If yes you can use this configuration

Ethernet: "sudo ifconfig -a" and "sudo dhclient usb1" or "sudo dhclient eth0"

you will see the internet interfaces with ifconfig -a
and one of other comands you will get ip from modem and connect to internet 

The problem is the board could not able to find usb* or eth*.


The problem is the board could not able to find usb* or eth*.

You may need to look at dmesg, udev might rename the interface if you
are using udev

THanks, the board detects the ethernet port. Previously i have
connected the cable without usb powered hub (beagle board rev c4).

But i am behind a proxy network. I have tried giving proper inputs
(proxy login/password details) in apt.conf file, but still the "sudo
apt-get update" could not able to connect because of this proxy.

Can any one tell how to give proxy inputs through command line.

Thanks once again for your reply.


sorry for the late comment, but could you please give me some directions on how to succesfully have the ubuntu core filesystem working in the pandaboard (mine is revC5), thanks,

best regards,