Ethernet connections


on my desk I have:

* desktop PC with Debian
* Beagle Board with Angstrom

Interconnections between the two units are:

* serial cable
* USB cable
* Ethernet-to-USB converter

The last two items are connected to the self-powered HUB (toghether a
mouse and a keyboard).
The other end of the ethernet cable goes to the router and eventually
to the dekstop PC

Few and short questions:

1) Which serial terminal is included in angstrom?
2) How to configure Beagle Board network?

About code development:

3) Do you (cross-) compile on the desktop PC or directly on the Beagle
4) Where is the right place to ask questions about Eclipse + QT +
CodeSourcery for Beagle Board code development?


2) How to configure Beagle Board network?

It was enough to edit /etc/network/interfaces and restart eth0.