ethernet, EHCI

Given the EHCI problems on the Rev B and the lack of an onboard NIC, what
are people using for network connectivity? Is there an expectation that the
EHCI problem can be fixed by a user-applied H/W fix?

Adam Glass

You can use the OTG port to connect to a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, or
you can use the USBNET gadget driver over the OTG port.

There is no expectation that a user will be able to patch the hardware
to get the EHCI port to work reliably.

USB to Ethernet? Does that imply that the OTG port can be configured to use
the onboard OHCI controller?

Ok, in the second case the beagleboard is basically acting as a USB function

OTG port is dual-role, it can be either host or client. It would not
be using the OCHI or EHCI controllers. The OTG musb controller itself
can act as a host.

Yes, for the USBNET gadget, the OTG port would be acting as a USB