Ethernet interface failure

The BeagleBone Black ethernet interface will fail after a few hours of operation. As an example, we did a fresh install of both Debian and Ubuntu on two Beagles (Newest updates for the Arm OS), connected them to the network and sure enough the next morning, both of the interfaces had failed. Several people have apparently noticed this issue, but I can’t find any suggestions on possible fixes. It appears to potentially be a hardware or Kernel issue. Has anyone out there had any experience with this and discovered a fix?

So if the board never works again, have you sent it in for repair via an RMA?


This is not an isolated instance. We have SEVERAL Beagles 10+ all bought at different times, and all showing the same issue. This is not one specific Beagle that needs to be RMA’d

So it is not a hard HW failure then. You may find this conversation useful. Start at the top.!searchin/beagleboard/ethernet$20address/beagleboard/9mctrG26Mc8/09EatsZon40J


Which kernel are you using? I’ve been running a BBB on Ethernet 24x7 using the Debian distro plus the 3.13 kernel with no networking issues for several weeks.


I agree - the 3.13 kernel seems to have fixed the PHY problem.