Ethernet issue with 2.6.39 kernel

Kernel 2.6.39 with the patches from works quiet well
on beagleboard, but the ethernet don't starting — it even haven't
interface, except lo.

Here the dmesg.log:
In it you can see smsc911x module inititialization:

[ 0.730804] smsc911x: Driver version 2008-10-21.
[ 0.731201] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_ether
[ 0.731323] usbcore: registered new interface driver smsc75xx
[ 0.731445] usbcore: registered new interface driver smsc95xx

On the other hand, with kernel 2.6.32 ethernet get up and works, here
is the dmesg: with the lines:

[ 17.761535] smsc911x: Driver version 2008-10-21.
[ 17.767333] smsc911x-mdio: probed
[ 17.770843] eth0: attached PHY driver [Generic PHY]
(mii_bus:phy_addr=0:01, irq=-1)
[ 17.778778] net eth0: MAC Address: 2a:36:d4:22:cf:df

Please, help me with advice in ethernet setup.

Thank you!


maybe the last two messages in this tread are solving your problem:

cheers, Günter (dl4mea)

Forgot to mention — I’m using Angstrom distribution.

BTW, I’ve already try the variant with the power setup — it didn’t work.

Try the 3.0.12 kernel from angstrom

That doesn’t help.