Ethernet over USB adapter


I am trying to connect a PB in our network over a USB to Ethernet adapter. I assumed that modifying the interfaces file with a static IP and rebooting the PB will make it appear in the arp -a list but I cannot see the MAC address of my network card, neither can I ping the static IP.

Is there something fundamentally wrong that I might be doing here? Can someone nudge me in the right direction?

The USB connector (USB-0) on the Pocket Beagle board is configured as a peripheral, only.
USB-1, is configured as a “Host” and will control many USB to Ethernet adaptors, but USB-1 is not pinned out to a USB connector, just the header pins.
You will need to provide some kind of USB connector to header pin connection, to do what you are trying to do.

— Graham

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. I will try it out and post my results here.

Hello again,

I came across a thread here that it is possible to use USB0 as a host. I could understand the hardware changes needed. Could you may be show me how I need to configure my Kernel to use USB0 as a host?