Ethernet using USB-Ethernet Hub


I made an image using the online image builder for angstrom. I made
sure I check kernel-modules. However, my ethernet still does not work.
The two status lights next to the ethernet jack on my USB hub (https:// stay dark. Is there a specific
module I should check and if so, how would I go about doing this? I am
fairly comfortable in linux but don't always know what commands to use
for this driver stuff.

Is there perhaps a specific module in the online image builder I need
to select?

So far, when I boot up, I see eth1 but its configured as loopback. I
edited /etc/networking/interfaces to make it dhcp but it still does
nothing. When I use ifup eth1, it comes up with warnings about not
finding .pid files and then eventually fails.

Any help would be appreciated.


Assuming that your USB-ethernet adapter is supported by the usbnet driver in the kernel, you need to make sure that your kernel defconfig says this:


Looking at the output of "dmesg" right after you plug it in would probably shed some light at the situation.

ApeWithABrain wrote:

I didn't actually build this image. I used the online builder.

I looked at dmesg after plugging the hub in, it lists my keyboard and
mouse, but nothing that looks like ethernet.

Any suggestions? This usb hub does work with some other images
including the demo image from koen and a build from oe/git, so I know
the hub/ethernet combo works...


I think what you can do is building a new kernel uImage with CONFIG_USB_USBNET enabled (CONFIG_USB_USBNET=y) as suggested by Pawel Potera.