Executing binaries- Angstrom

Whenever i execute any .bin files in Angstrom it gives following
line 1: syntax error: "(" unexpected.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? I am making sure that this
files are executables in setting the permissions.

# chmod +x xxx.bin
# ./xxx.bin
You didn't say what the permissions are, so hope this helps.

The cortex a8 can't handle x86 binaries natively

Op 4 okt 2009 om 14:48 heeft Bhargav <bhargav1984@gmail.com> het
volgende geschreven:\

The cortex a8 can't handle x86 binaries natively

I naturally thought he was using a compatible .bin file - diesel car
trying to run off gasoline.

Probably, the file is not compiled for armv7. Check the bin file's
architecture using `file´ command. E.g. $file executable.bin

file bios_setuplinux_5_33_06.bin says,
bios_setuplinux_5_33_06.bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386,
version 1 (GNU/Linux), statically linked, stripped
I am making sure that the file is executable.
How do i get proper DSP/BIOS and CGTools for building the DSPlink for
this architecture?


Dear community members,

I am developing a video application for the DevKit8000.

My problem is that I cannot find the device nodes for the v4l driver (/dev/video). They are just not there.

The omapfb driver on the other hand is working fine.

I hope that someone has some suggestions!

Sebastian Kruber


u have enable V4L or V4L2 support and corresponding UVC, Camera drivers in kernel config. then recompile the kernel. Load the uImage

    I ask everybody who follows this group as a member or not, to
respect the thread functionality of mailing. More clearly, nobody
limits the issues which can be posted to this group as far as they are
related to BeagleBoard. So please, post your issues under new topics
if they are not related to any existing one.
    About executable file problem, Bhargav, as you stated, it is an
executable, however, it is built for x86 architecture, not for arm.
For a file built for arm, `file´ command prints out a message
containing `arm´ word instead of 80386. So you need to find the arm
version of the same software.
    About DSP Link, I'm trying to make it work. You might follow this
There are two helpful wiki guides' links. If you have questions, you
can post into that thread, if you don't, maybe you can spend some time
on reading my questions in this thread.



Thanks Caner for this info. But i could not find the prerequisites
required to install DSPlink for ARM processors. Can you please let me
know, where can i find DSP/BIOS, CGTools and XDC for ARM processor

Hi Bhargav,
   You can follow Ravishi's two nice guides about installing DSP Link
on BeagleBoard. These are URL's:
Check both of them, they follow different paths. In these guides,
you'll find the needed links to download TI's tools that you stated.



Hi Caner,
Thanks for the reply. I am following this links only, but when i goto
the TI website links for downloading those files, i always get Intel
x86 version of files. I am wondering where can i find those .bin files
for ARM architechture?

Hi Bhargav,
   Those files are used to build DSP Link module and other required
objects such as lpm modules and sample programs. Thereby, unless you
specifically aim to develop on ARM, you are supposed to set your
development environment on an x84 architecture and do cross-
development. So briefly, download those files to an x86 machine with
either Linux or Windows. Install them. Obtain a cross compiler such as
Openembedded or Code Sourcery's G++. Do your development on this
machine, then transfer to ARM, your object and binary files which you
have obtained using those TI tools.

You're welcome