expand rootfs to sd card.

Can i expand the rootfs to an sd card if im booting from the emmc or can i only do this if im booting from the sd card?

You can pull your rootfs from anywhere you like so long as it is supported. SDcard, NFS share( network ) USB, and perhaps I am forgetting one or two options.


Although, we’re talking flash media here, so I would strongly suggest you go without a swap disk.

Typically, it is easiest, and most common to mount the /home directory from additional media. In other cases, someone may mount /var/log on its own partition too. You can do this with just about any directory I think, but it become more complex as sometimes it not always possible to remount part of the file system on the system its self while it is running.

ok thanks for your reply. I definitely wan to go with the easiest route so i will boot from sd card instead.

Your call. Just curious, why do you need or want to increase your file system size ? The reason I ask is because for increasing the size for say /home is rather trivial. Just 3-4 simple steps such as . . .

  1. partition and format the new media.
  2. mount the new media in a temporary location.
  3. copy the whole of /home to the new media - then unmount.
  4. edit /etc/fstab to reflect the changes- Pointing to the new media.

A quick google search would yield tons of accurate results. As in step by step how to’s.

I want to expand root so i can install Qt embedded on my beagle bone. Im building it natively and I got a “no space left on device” error when installing.

What was the file name of the "img" did you installed, and where did
you install it to: microSD or eMMC..


I was installing the qt widget library using
wget http:``//jaist``.dl.sourceforge.net``/project/qwt/qwt/6``.1.0``/qwt-6``.1.0.``tar``.bz2
I tried to build and install it on the eMMC.

The "os"..

For the "eMMC" most "flasher" scripts setup the full partition.. You
either get 2gb or 4gb on the eMMC...


yeah i have 4gb on eMMC but its not enough to build all the qt stuff.

Just boot off a big microSD card..


I booted from an sdcard and ran the following commands grow the partition to the entire size of the sdcard(16GB)

sudo cd /opt/scripts/tools sudo git pull sudo ./grow_partition.sh sudo shutdown -r now

after reboot i ran
df -h

but the rootfs shows its size as 1.6G and im using 1.5G. I was expecting to see size at around 16G so I dont think it expanded the partition. am i missing something??

Try again, with a 16GB card, it'll take a little bit for the 'expand'
function to work on extX..


thanks, works now.