Expansion header GPIO pins used as MDIO?

I am building a custom board that plugs in to the beagleboard expansion
header. The custom board includes an Ethernet PHY that has to be
configured via MDIO. Can I use the beagleboard GPIO pins to drive MDIO

The MDC (MDIO Clk) in the MDIO spec has to have a min period of 2.5MHz.


The mdio-gpio linux driver can be used to emulate the MDIO bus using
GPIO. Haven't figure out how to use this yet, but will post back more
info/results when available.

Finally figured out how to use openembedded to make certain
modifications to the default .config file. I was then able to compile
the kernel with the mdio-gpio driver as a module.

Once the kernel is running on the beagleboard, you must run 'depmod' to
update the module listings. Then you can go ahead and do a 'modprobe
mdio-gpio'. Type 'lsmod' to make sure the driver is loaded correctly.

At this point I am not sure which gpio pins are assigned to mdio-gpio.
Any ideas on where to find this out?