experienced with bq27200?

forwarding my question to beagleboard group as well.

Thanks for your help.


I am using bq27200 (the i2c version) for measuring battery usage on my
project. And I'm unable to get any data over the i2c. What ever
register address I try to read using "i2cget" from the chip returns
"Error: Read failed". I know the i2c bus itself is not a problem
because, I have an EEPROM on the same bus, and I'm able to read from
the device with out any problem.

Here's a link to the schematic:
. Basically, I didn't deviate a lot from the datasheet. The only
difference being I don't have the ESD protection stuff shown in the

If any body was able to successfully communicate with this chip, I
would be greatly appreciate some pointers.

Did you check if the I2C is 1.8V level compatible in this setup?
As far as I see it is powered (VCC) direcly by the battery.

-- hns

Thnkx for the reply.

Yes. The chip is 1.8v compatible on these pins. And my understanding
is that the IC measures the voltage drop across R161 to measure
various parameters like time to empty, time to full etc. .