Export Restrictions on Beagles?

Hi1 I ordered three beagleboards the other day from Digikey and they're
refused to sell them to me in the UK citing export restrictions from the US
as the reason. Has anyone else come across this outside the US? It sounds
like an utter crock to me. Are OMAP3530s themselves restricted from export?
Is it the Micron POP memory? I really can't see what the issue is here.


My head hurts! You have got to be kidding! There are no restrictions to most places in the world, especially the UK. I think D/K has had another glitch in their system, something that seems to happen every now and then.

I suggest you contact their technical support team and have them hash it out.


I've asked my purchasing clerk to get them to spell out exactly what export
restrictions cover the beagles or any part of them.

Are there any other distributors?


D/K is the only one. As I said, this seems to happen every so often that the codes or something get flushed from their computer system and all of a sudden there is a restriction. I really don’t understand what happens.

I have passed the issue to our contact with D/K to see if they can get it resolved as well.


Excellent! Thanks a lot.


Hi Chris,

DK shipped a Beagleboard to me without any problems so it certainly
sounds like a glitch in their internal processes. Give 'em another
call, I would.

BTW, I used UPS for shipping: not cheap at £30-odd but quick. I had a
bit of a shock when I had to pay VAT and import charges on top of
this, right on my doorstep! That was another 25 quid or so, if I



Hi a,ll
Btw, is anybody from Russia tried to get them?
Is export to Russia restricted?

2008/10/11 <james@tuffcode.com>

I had to jump though hoops to get mine shipped to the UK too.

Chris Eilbeck wrote:

I have received 5 pcs of Beagleboard.

I am stayed at Taiwan.

Well, looks like we have different luck.

I'd ordered 3 pcs of BB on 9/24, but it never arrives.

I am stayed at Taiwan too.

Well, looks like we have different luck.

I'd ordered 3 pcs of BB on 9/24, but it never arrives.

I am stayed at Taiwan too.

I am looking for any information that indicates that Digi-Key is not
taking orders (non-governmental/etc.) or not shipping orders. I've
not seen anyone provide any order information or discussion logs
(contact names) that shows that Digi-Key is not resolving these

Oh no, same thing here, again!

Thank you for your order! Due to export restrictions on this part it cannot be exported to your country. I have cancelled the order. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We went through this rigmarole a year ago when we ordered two BeagleBoards, which we did get finally. No one seems to know what kind of secret blacklist is being violated by selling BeagleBoards - the choice of “hostile countries” seems quite haphazard.
Anybody else still encountering this kind of nonsense? It certainly has nothing to do with OMAP35xx’s or Micron memory, both of which we have purchased without hindrance.


Jason Kridner wrote:

Does the beagleboard have a definitively determined Export control classification number? Such a determination it seems could really help clarify any future export problems.