Extend GPIO

Hello all !

What is the best way to play with 96 gpio on the beagle board black ? I have not found cape to extend gpio …

I need to receive 80 contact closure.



Can you build a custom cape?
Using 10 74HC165 chips (parallel in / serial out cascadable) and the Beaglebone SPI would do it.

Or, building on Peter’s idea, consider using six each TI PCA9555.
16 inputs or outputs per IC, I2C interface, all can share the same I2C bus
they are per-pin configurable. including generating an interrupt on state change
of any or all I/O pins.

Or search on TI web site for bus extender

Remote 16-Bit I2C And SMBus I/O Expander With Interrupt Output And Configuration Registers

I/O data rates would be limited to what you can push through an I2C bus.

— Graham