Extended Temperature Range

I did a couple of searches here and I didn’t find a mention of this for the last couple of years. Is there an option of an extended temperature range BeagleBoneBlack? Any plans? I seem to recall that this board has been specifically not recommended for commercial use as they don’t wish to maintain any given design and be free to modify it at will. Is that still true?

I have an application for an extended temperature range Linux embedded computer. I think the BeagleBoneBlack would do a great job. So far I haven’t found similar boards in a wider temperature range. It needs Ethernet and GPIO.


You should take a look at this one:

I believe there was a post about this some time back, and the answer was basically “it’s open source hardware, build your own with mil-spec parts”. Since the question was raised, I suppose it’s possible someone is already doing that and that you could buy from them if building your own is not justified by your needs and if you could find them.