External audio codec for BB AI via I2S interface

I have a problem to run external WM8960 audio codec via i2s (audio interface). Codec works as master (it has own external oscillator), BB AI as slave. Programming of WM8960 registers via I2C works well. The connectors BB AI P9.19 and P9.20 are used for it. I program WM8960 via series of i2cset 18th commands:

i2cset -y 3 0x1a 0x1e 0x00 # R15 reset
i2cset -y 3 0x1a 0x0e 0x4f # R7 audio interface: Master mode, 32 bit, DSP mode

i2cset -y 3 0x1a 0x0a 0x00 # R5 ADC & DAC Control (CTR1): disable DAC soft mute (DACMU=0)

The interface I2S - MCASP1 is used via BB AI connectors P9.28 (data in), P9.29 (fs), P9.30 (data out), P9.31 (clock). Valid signals appears on codec outputs (tested by an oscilloscope): frame (fs 48kHz), clock (clock 3.072MHz) and data out, after above set of i2cset commands. External digital bypass (data out → data in) also works well (i.e. analog signal from input is transmitted to output of the codec).
The problem is that “aplay -l” does not show “Simple sound card” at mcasp1:

Now the codec and driver work well (certainly the configuration can be optimized). Below is the corrected part of the dts file and other information.
All the best