External boot on Beagleboard xM

Hello all,
The serial boot is failed with my Besgleboard xM with the
boot_omap3_serial.tar.bz2 on this group.
The x-loader is successfully transfered by pserial, but the u-boot
The error message is:
Failed in 4 retries in sequence 0 - success send = 0 bytes
Data transmit failed

Is it possible to boot Beagleboard xM via serial or usb without any
help of storage(MMC or NAND(not include in xM))?

Hello all,

I've done more test...

1. remove u-boot.bin in mmc.
2. boot from mmc
3. the serial console will show the x-load prompt and wait for kermit
transfer of u-boot.bin via serial port.
4. fire the command: "ukermit -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -f u-boot.bin"
5. the boot stage goes ahead into u-boot and then the uImage since
there is linux kernel image inside mmc.

So the problem may be in the ROM boot stage,
1. is the transfer really finished?
2. is there any ROM event to load x-load?

I use the omap-u-boot-utils from http://github.com/nmenon/omap-u-boot-utils.git

I also try to download x-load via usb, the utils download from

compare the pserial and the usb

I think the uart boot flow is:
1. open the serial/usb port
2. ask the ASIC_ID of the board
3. send command 0xF0030002 to the board
4. transfer the file(x-load.bin) to the board

Since this is a DM3730 board, not a OMAP35xx board, I don't know if
there is any hardware specific parameter should be modified to make
the pserial work?

any hint?


I’ve got the same problem. Did you solve this issue?

Thank you so much.

humm... "2010 12:02:29"

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