External Power Supply


I would like to intercept the power I feed into BBB.

Example: Power Source → Op Amp (input)
Op Amp (output) → BBB power input

The Op Amp I use is part of a circuitry I am using to keep track of the voltage levels of various devices.
In order to measure, the voltage/energy levels of the BBB, I need to power it via the Op Amp circuitry.

Question: I have 2 wires - GND and the other for the voltage/current - coming from the Op-Amp.
Does anyone know how I could interface these two wires with the BBB in order to power it?

Thank you,

I would look at these type devices. All you need is I2C and something to read it, like a USB to I2C device. They can give you current and voltage as well.



Ah yes, I am already using a current-sensing chip - MAX4378 (which is very much similar to the ones you specified, i.e. it is based on op amps), However, I need to run the power source through the chip and then to the BBB.

I was wondering what would be the best way to do this? Do I attach the two wires to a power jack connector and then plug it into the 5V input or is there a better way?

Please do correct me if I’m wrong.


Through the chip? Well, it needs to handle the current and have no voltage drop or the USB could have issues…Not sure off the top of my head how to handle 2A through and OPAMP.


That’s a very good point. I’ll need to think about that a bit more.

Thanks a lot.