Extracting eMMC from BBB

Hello –

With a Win7 laptop and a BBB RevC with the Debian Image 2015-03-01 (from the ID.txt), I was able to put an *img.gz file onto a properly formatted 8GB uSD card. The process required I follow the two caveats mentioned on the wiki: 1. copy the *.dtb file into a folder named “dtbs”, and, 2. I did NOT depress S2 when I plugged in the BBB to a regulated 5V supply. The backup process took, well, over thirty minutes.

This morning I decompressed the *.gz file and wrote out the image with Win32DiskImager. The *.img file was about 3.8GB, I wanted to look at the contents of this backup, to verify it was good. In an Explorer window there appears only the 95.7Mb “Getting Started” stuff, and the Win native DISKPART shows the three volumes, the “Getting Started”, the Primary (3.56GB), and an unallocated 11.8GB, as I wrote the *.img out to a 16GB uSD card. I assume the 3.56GB contains the backed-up contents of the BBBs eMMC.

How do I go about viewing the contents of that backup on my Win7 machine?

Thank you for any kind replies.

The easy way is just bypass windows completely and use linux.

If you can't do that, grab any of the visualizations software package
and... boot into a virtual linux machine..


How do I go about viewing the contents of that backup on my Win7 machine?

easiest way → http://www.diskinternals.com/linux-reader/

It is important to note however, what Robert says while not technically the easiest way, is what I’d consider the proper way. I use Windows, and Linux daily - Probably use Windows more, but when working with Linux files, and Linux images. The only real way is to use some sort of Linux machine.