fail to run QT 4.5.2 on beagleboard with powervr

Hi all,

I compiled the QT 4.5.2 for ARM, installing into the beagleboard
(using angstrom 2.6.29 with console-image) and successfully executed
QT application without hw accelerator, though it was very slow.
Now I am trying to use it with powervr hw accelerator, using the same
kernel, but then it fails, saying: "Could not create the temporary EGL

Any idea what could cause that?


Did you create/modify /etc/powervr.ini as shown below


Varun Shah

Yes, i have tried that,


Did you try out the newer 4.6? It is known to have improved the opengl interface with sgx.

Can you try


I didn't.
However it looks like they faced the same problem as I did, see:


I have seen the error related to blit_16(): Image format 0 not supported!

This error is seen whenever we to use the QGLWidget in your code to draw 2D Graphics primitives. However, 3D opengl examples that uses the opengl api's like hellogl_es works great in both gles 1.1 and 2.0.

To replicate the above error, try running 2dpainting

The window on the right displaying OpenGL fails with the error of blit_16()

It's a known issue and Qt guys are working on it. Not sure, when the fix will come out though.

Best Regards,
Varun Shah

Thanks Varun,

I was under the feeling that I didn't install well the SGX powervr
into the beagleboard, maybe missing something there, though the
powervr demos are working very good.
I will give it a try and then i will update.


I was told that qt-4.6 should have a fix for the problem but I didn't
check it myself.