failed to ping to host/device


    I am using the linux kernel 2.6.36 for the OMAP3530 beagle board. File system used is ramdisk.gz which I downloaded from
I am able to assign the IP address to the usb0 interface. But, when I ping from the host / target, its failing.
    Ping is working fine for the kernel 2.6.32 with jffs2 file system instead ramdisk.gz.

The following are the steps used to crate a ramdisk.gz

mke2fs -vm0 /dev/ram0 32768
mount -t ext2 /dev/ram0 /mnt
cd /mnt
cp /bin, /sbin, /etc, /dev ... files in mnt
cd ../
umount /mnt
dd if=/dev/ram0 bs=1k count=16384 of=ramdisk
gzip -9 ramdisk

What exactly I need to do to use the ramdisk.gz?
Any extra configuration need to be done in the kernel?

Thanks in advance,

ravi holal